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  • PhoenixKM BVBA

    Andere onderneming, Andere onderneming

    Inclusive ICT

    PhoenixKM BVBA is a consultancy that focuses on the integration of people with disabilities into society, and this via an optimal usage of ICT applications (desktop, internet, smartphone). PhoenixKM organises projects around this topic in cooperation with European partners (end users, universities, SMEs) en undertakes these projects with own means or with support from the European Commission.
  • Frederic de Clippele - Nursing & Productdevelopment

    Diensten voor thuisverpleging

    passionate in care and innovations

    More than 10 years of experience in care and projectmanagement within life science. from academic hospitals till biotehchnology. Cardiology, oncology, reumathology, orphan diseases


    We help you realize your medical product idea

    EFTICO has over 20 years of professional experience in developing medical devices from prototype to serial production.
  • Televic Healthcare


    A leader in healthcare communications since 1950

    We develop, design and manufacture digital networks for nurse call, intercom, access control, patient entertainment and care registration. We assure state-of-the-art healthcare-communication systems, adapted to the ever higher demands of an evolving market. Televic has a reputation of reliability and long term relationship. To achieve this goal, Televic makes a thorough selection of their supply chain partners so that the entire solution can be guaranteed to the highest standards.
  • IXSyS

    ICT / e-health, Telegeneeskunde

    WiPaM platform for telemedicine

    IXSyS developed WiPaM, a secure telemedicine platform that connects homecare medical devices in the patient’s home directly to the healthcare workers that need to be able to view the test results of these devices an that is already used in many projects. WiPaM does not focus on one single pathology, but it covers them all. More and more scientific publications prove that Telemedicine is the medical tool of the future, not only because it ensures reliable monitoring of chronically ill patients in their home environment, but also because of the enormous cost saving.
  • UNIE-K

    Residentiële diensten voor personen met een handicap, Dagcentra voor personen met een handicap, Niet-dringend vervoer

    (semi-)residential setting for people with disabilities

    UNIE-K is a not-for-profit organisation which consists of three settings for people with disabilities: 'Ons Erf' in Brugge, 'De Waaiberg' in Gits en 't Venster' in Emelgem. All of the three institutions have been initiated by the Province of West-Flanders.
  • Thuishulp vzw

    Diensten voor gezinszorg, Diensten voor gezinszorg, Zorgactor

    service for family care and additional home care

    Home care invests in the home environment for all those who are experiencing difficulties in carrying out its domestic responsibilities. With qualified employees we try to build a socially just services and in cooperation with and with respect for this user and his environment.
  • Software Op Maat


    Your partner for customized software

    Software Op Maat bvba develops applications that simplify the daily operation of the facility and make it more efficient. Of course, there are solutions for standard needs on the market. But not all programs are good solutions. We select the most reliable and flexible products to begin with the further customization. This is possible with the right methods and technologies. Our software is developed according to the medical standards.
  • Raepsaet product design bvba

    Niet-medische hulpmiddelen

    Mechanics, engineering & prototypes

    The mother company has more than 25 years of experience in mechanical development and prototyping. We are specialized in assembly jigs, lab equipment, testinging equipment, housings for electronics (pos, payment terminals, validators, fuel distribution terminals, etc) and general mechanics We are unique because all developments are directly realised in our workshop/fablab which is one of the best equipped in the country. REMARK: AT THE LAUNCH OF OUR NEW PRODUCT WE WILL OPERATE UNDER A NEW COMPANY NAME
  • Lingua Franca


    Solving for Strategy in ICT

    Lingua Franca specialises in data mining, business intelligence and customer relationship management. Our services include analysis, design, architecture and project management for very diverse organizations. We operate in industrial, retail, finance, logistics and services organizations in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK and Germany. For the health care sector we specialise in HRM analytics like absenteeism analysis, competence management and specific data mining projects like work force management, fraud detection and forecasting.