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About DOKZ

About DOKZ

DOKZ stands for 'Databank voor ondernemers in de zorg, kenniscentra en zorgactoren', which is Dutch for 'database for health care enterprises, knowledge centres and health care actors'. The DOKZ database is an initiative from the Contact Point for Care Economics within the Flanders Enterprise Agency.

 With this database the Contact Point seeks to meet the existing need for inventorying all actors within the health care economy in Flanders, and to bring them together in one single place in a structured manner.

The database is available to everyone free of charge.

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Organisations introduce themselves by means of a profile sheet which, besides providing general information about the organisation, exclusively focuses on their expertise in health care (products, services, know-how, activities, projects, labels, et cetera).

Under the 'Organisations' tab page “How to create a Profile Sheet” (under construction) you can find practical information on how your organisation can participate.


 Users can consult the organisation profile sheets using a powerful search function by keyword or through a filter. The filter is especially useful for more targeted and regional searches.

The contact form next to the profile sheet allows you as a user to immediately get in touch with the organisations of your interest.

The 'How to use the database' tab page (under construction) provides practical information for searching the database.

The DOKZ database will be available at the earliest from the end of January 2014 onwards and will be constantly growing.



The DOKZ database is in line with the remit of the Contact Point for Care Economics to inventory health care organisations, knowledge institutions and health care enterprises and to create a facilitating framework between its stakeholders.

With the DOKZ database, the Contact Point for health care enterprises aims to

•contribute to ensuring a successful match between health care needs, the available knowledge and technology and entrepreneurship;

•act as a matchmaker by bringing supply and demand together;

•initiate contacts and projects and encourage mutual cooperation;

•advise and refer organisations even more quickly and efficiently;

•help develop new business or knowledge clusters;

•show to the rest of the world what Flanders has to offer.



What can you expect from us?

The Contact Point for Care Economics has the ambition to develop a representative database which is as complete as possible.

The DOKZ database is intended to become a source database for health care actors, knowledge institutions and health care enterprises in Flanders.

To compile the database, the Contact Point uses its own network on the one hand. On the other hand, it cooperates with umbrella organisations, provinces and other partners, whenever possible. 

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The Contact Point attaches great importance to the quality of the data entered in the DOKZ database. The organisation profile sheets should provide clear, reliable and up-to-date information about and for actors in Flanders' health care economy. For this reason, the content of each organisation sheet is checked in terms of quality before it is published or adjusted.

In addition, participating organisations are frequently encouraged to check and update their details.

On its website the Contact Point for Care Economics uses Google Analytics to measure and analyse the database's visitor information. In addition, it will make this information available to participating organisations. Moreover, the Contact Point will supervise contacts that are established via the database and monitor the effects of these contacts. 

The Contact Point for Care Economics will regularly highlight an organisation on the DOKZ homepage.

What do we expect from you?     

We count on the willingness of the participating organisations to submit sheets that are as complete as possible. Your profile should provide accurate, up-to-date and objective information and not contain any commercial communication.

As an organisation you can be contacted by other organisations or users with a request to receive more information, organise a meeting, enter into a partnership, etc. We trust you to reply to these requests or refer these organisations or users to the right contact person within your organisation within a reasonable term.

This instrument’s success is dependent on accurate data. Therefore, we expect participating organisations to be committed to keeping the shared information up-to-date. To that end organisations can adjust or remove details at any time. Users can also report errors they have found through the general contact form.

Because we want to give our enterprises, knowledge institutions and health care actors international visibility as well, we expect organisations to also create a profile sheet in English.

The database allows users to export organisation details or print profile sheets for their personal use. However, the reproduction of this information for commercial purposes is not permitted. If you would like to use information for other publication purposes, then you first have to contact the Contact Point for Care Economics to ask for its consent.

Further developing the DOKZ database into a reference database for health care actors, knowledge institutions and health care enterprises within and outside Flanders is only possible with the help from the organisations and users concerned. We thank you very much for your cooperation!