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E-Point is a company that wants to build a bridge between the formal and informal caregiver by means of ICT solutions. We use "medical devices", software and a communication platform for preventing alienation and isolation of the patient when they are leaving the hospital.


Consultancy and development of e-Health applications.

Products and services

EPOINT DASHBOARD: View all the data at once.

A unique visualisation of Point of care devices. In a blink of an eye you'll see the SYSTOLIC, DIASTOLIC and HEARTBEAT measurements from the point of care device, the blood pressure meter. Secondly, you see an overview of the weight scale measurements with following data: KG, BMI, FAT% and BASAL METABOLIC RATE.

The data is collected by sending the blood pressure measurements through the iPad and just standing on the scale for the weight.

Congestive Heartfaillure Questionnaire

Responses of patients with heart failure to the Sickness Impact Profile, a comprehensive assessment of the impact of illness in general. This online questionnaire was developed with collaboration and the help of the University Hospital of North Norway.


As a partner in the research of tele-monitoring applications, we collaborate with "Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine" at the University Hospital of Tromsø. With a randomized control study, we follow 50 patients with CHF for 12 months. Daily blood pressure measurement and weight gain is closely monitored and the patients answer through an online questionnaire how they feel.

If a measurement or set of answers meet a threshold, automatically the nurse or doctor will be informed by email.

Our system also allows the nurse to provide feedback, so the tele-monitoring processes can be adjusted and refined.

Area of interest

Cooperation, International projects, Projects in Flanders

We want a partnership with a healthcare organization, providing an added value for tele-health systems, helping the caregiver and the patient to deal with his or her changed health situation.



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