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Quasydoc (VDC Consulting bvba)

An easy-to-use Web application for a more efficient process management with regard to warehouse management, traceability and food safety

VDC Consulting develops software specific for food safety and quality care, with a special focus on industrial kitchens as well as in the health care. ‘Quasydoc’ (Quality System Documentation) is a practical tool that automates the main quality procedures over the internet in terms of legally required traceability, stock control and menu planning. Even the achieving/maintaining of their smiley, auto control system or any other certifiable quality system for food safety are the main goals of this internet software.


  • Quasydoc: Affordable internet software for purchase, traceability, stock control, .... which can be extended with everything needed to manage and to support a quality system for food safety on an administrative basis
  • Specification management, information on allergens, nutritional calculations in accordance with regulation 1169/2011
  • Combination with meal registration and menu planning is possible
  • Link with ERP and/or bookkeeping
  • Support and guidance of kitchens on the way to certification of their quality management system for food safety in cooperation with ‘FQM’ FOOD QUALITY MANAGEMENT (FQM) of the PXL College.

Products and services

Besides a basic module ‘Quasydoc’ developed also other modules:

  • Quality assurance paperless solution for all complaints
  • Quality management
  • Document management for the quality manual
  • Custom workflow the progress of projects
  • Quality control
  • Risk analysis the evaluation of risks on the work floor
  • Field check registration and follow-up of findings
  • Specification management for the management of product and process specifications
  • Warehouse management with scanning, integrated with the production module
  • Production module registration of process data
  • Purchases/Sales customer and supplier information
  • Technical maintenance
  • Personnel and Training module (e-learning) qualification off staff
  • Meeting module planning and reporting of meetings
  • Q-map  


  • Retirement homes ZA Limburg: smiley, purchase management, traceability, stock control calculation food cost, food information for the customer
  • Central kitchen Ruddersstove OCMW Brugge,
  • RZ H.Hart, Tienen
  • OC Br. Ebergiste, Vurste
  • RVT MariaLove, Heestert
  • H. Hartziekenhuis, Mol
  • RVT Sint Anna, Herentals
  • WZC Pniël, Puldernos
  • WZC Veilige Have, Aalter
  • RZ St. Trudo, Sint Truiden
  • MPI Levenslust, Lennik
  • OC Sint Ferdinand MPI, Lummen
  • WZC dilhome, Dilbeek
  • WZC Sint Mathildis, Boechout
  • WZC Sint Elisabeth, Eeklo
  • WZC Sint Vincentius, Kaprijke
  • ...

Area of interest

Contacts/acquaintance, Cooperation, International projects, Projects in Flanders


Quasydoc (VDC Consulting bvba)

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