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Knowledge centre for operations management in hospitals

MINOZ wants to be recognised as an important knowledge centre for operational management within hospitals. Its objective is to generate and spread insights on hospital operational management, by bringing together theoretical frameworks, practical knowledge, applied and focused research, benchmarking and case studies. By sharing its research with its members and partners, MINOZ ultimately contributes to concrete management solutions within the healthcare sector. Next to that, MINOZ aims to constitute an internationally reputed platform for relevant academic research.


The main activity of MINOZ is research carried out per year and per theme, and presented at the 3 workshops.

The following approaches are used:

  • Reporting of research carried out amongst MINOZ members (benchmarking and best practice)
  • Testimonials from members, testimonials from experts within the specific domain
  • Use of educational case study
  • Use of a specific designed tool or game

The research is oriented towards all members and meets their concrete needs. A fixed contact person stimulates continuity and in-depth research on the one hand, and interaction and knowledge exchange on the other hand.

Next to that, we also organise broadening activities like the Healthcare Conference Day & the international study trip (in 2014: Milan, Italy)

Products and services

During a three-year term, MINOZ offers 9 workshops, 3 Healthcare Management Days, 3 Direction Committees and 1 Study Trip. Below you can find more detailed information for each of those activities. The number of participants per hospital, and the specific profiles, may differ amongst the activities, but MINOZ stimulates the presence of at least one permanent participant throughout the year programme.

Next to the listed activities, MINOZ supports to a limited extent management projects carried out in the member’s hospitals. This support entails e.g. bringing your organisation in contact with qualified experts or providing you with documentation. Indeed, sharing information and knowledge is one of the pillars that determine the success of MINOZ!


The main expertise within the MINOZ research Centre lays in operational management, applied in hospitals. In 2014, we conduct research on the intensive care unit (ICU). In the past, the following themes have been discussed:

  • Process management in oncology and internal day hospital
  • The hospital pharmacy of the future
  • Patient streams within the hospital
  • Improve your inventory management
  • Patient flow from emergency to nursing department
  • Service innovation
  • Non-operative time in the operating theatre
  • Hospital reception: front- and back-office

Area of interest

Contacts/acquaintance, Cooperation, International projects, Projects in Flanders