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Home deliverd meals.

Deliver meals to the doorstep of seniors.

Our organisation delivers up to 850 meals a day to the seniors of Brugge. We deliver 7/7 days, with 20 route on a weekday and 14 route on a weekendday. We try to reach a senior with a mimimum age of 65, who can't provide for his/ her own meal. With this service we try to keep our seniors langer into their own home.


We provide a healthy meal, that includes soup, main dish and dessert (every day 4 choises). Our cliënts can choose between a cold or warm delivery.Our drivers try to provide a social control en rapport disturbing situations. If necessary we include our social workers to help.

The social workers visit our new clients, to give information about our service and also to calculate the price, that's based on income.

Target groups

Our target group are seniors of Brugge, who have a minimum age of 65 years. Exceptions can occur in special cases.


Horeca-award 2011: First place innovation.


Area of interest

Contacts/acquaintance, Cooperation, International projects, Projects in Flanders